Let it goooooooooo

My birthday is in early January so it aligns nicely with making New Year resolutions I won’t keep. This year I decided to “let it go.” I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m a little high-strung over small things. When I drop things. When things fall over. Anytime at all when I’m driving. Anytime I am woken up. Anytime I am hungry. Before coffee. (If I have a job) almost any time at all at work. You get it. I don’t think it’s really maturity that has caused this new shift. Mostly I am tired and am noticing physical fatigue from so much effort to be that pissed all the time. So, I’m just letting it go.


Major and I flew to Seattle for Christmas and on one of the flights I was watching Frozen because it was free and I had about two hours to kill. I got so engrossed that I didn’t notice that we were landing until the thrust reversers kicked in. I may never know if Anna and some dude made it before the wolves chased them down in the sleigh. My niece informed me VERY matter-of-factly that they did.
I still don’t have any employment. I had one phone interview, conducted by an HR rep, and I managed to NOT answer “why do you want to work here?” It was one of my finer moments in my career, if I do say so myself. FIRST, when she emailed and asked for my availability and I asked who would be conducting the interview and should I prepare anything specific she responded “it’s just a casual conversation between you and me to get to know you and see how you would fit with our team.” Fair enough, BUT asking me “tell me about a time when you had to grow an audience” is NOT a general question. I was not prepared. As we discussed further I realized it was more of a sales job than a business development job and I’m not good at those jobs. More on that in a bit. The job was also about an hour away, which I didn’t love. But they were the only ones with any interest in me. At the close of our discussion she said they weren’t in a big hurry to hire but would let me know in about two weeks if they wanted to move forward. The next step was a test project. STOP. The next step was not an in-person interview. They would email a project and give me two hours to complete. If I passed that then an interview. Let me summarize this process for you:
1. Application
2. Online questionnaire
3. “informal” phone interview
4. Test project
5. Formal interview
6. Job offer
Since I am taking a new and mature approach to life, when I received my “thanks but no thanks” piss-off email from HR I did not reply “FINE, but you aren’t fucking Google so get off your high interview horse.” I was waiting at Dulles for my flight home on a different trip and was already irritated because flying on a regional carrier is like asking someone to kick you in the lady balls while they drag your luggage on the taxiway with the suitcase open and spread your underwear all over the ramp.
Now I apply for any half-reasonable part time retail job that I can do while I am in grad school. I start in March. I’m not super stoked about it but I can’t get my resume passed the filter internet machines with just job experience. Aviation is a life-ruiner. I have noticed in this new world of job applications that the shittier the pay, the longer and more obnoxious the application. Large companies that pay well will also give you a piss-off letter in about three to four business days. I appreciate the closure.
That’s all. Happy Katy Perry National Concert Day tomorrow!!


Let it goooooooooo

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