oh heeeeeeeeeey

Ummm, yeah, 5 POUNDS of protein. And it's fucking delicious
Ummm, yeah, 5 POUNDS of protein. And it’s fucking delicious
I don’t have a concise point today, or ever really, but I just like to appease the three people that keep asking when my next update is.

Shit I heard on the news that melted my brain: We can’t act in Syria despite evidence that they are gassing their own people, our allies are voting against it and Russia is frontin’? Is this real life?!
Middle-aged educated white women are the most likely to abuse prescription sleep aids. OMG, really?!
Brian Williams is recovering from a knee replacement and doing well. That’s nice actually. He’s my second favorite, behind David Muir. Rawr.

My commute home was insane. Backing up to lunch time, I got an email from a coworker with the subject line “!!!Crazy A$$ sale at Outdoor Research today!!!” and the urgent request for a couple of us to go with him. My boss was in a workshop and it was super close so off we went. Because I have the frame of a nine-year old, I found a fucking sweet rain trench in a small in a weird color/pattern and it fit perfectly. I also got some excellent winter gloves. So anyway, I went to the mall after work to get some new makeup. My face is PISSED that I haven’t made babies yet and therefore is rebelling by breaking out like crazy. So I went to Bare Minerals and was helped, no lie, by a ginger hipster kid named Shawon. Why do I know how to spell his name? Because after seeing my full name on my debit card he said “Oh I see why you go by Kate. My name is Sean but spelled S-h-a-w-o-n and people always mispronounce it like Sha-wan.” Yeah, buddy. That’s SO CLOSE to your parents being fucking idiots and ruining a good name and my parents giving me a traditional Polish name. So. Close. He was actually super helpful. Just his name sucked. So I head back to my car, wearing my sweet trench, and it is raining HARD. I hadn’t seen it rain that hard all season. I was practically skipping passed all the people that didn’t have coats and all the Asian chicks in stiletto shoes they couldn’t walk in because my coat was REPELLING all the water! I was smirking like a bastard. Outdoor Research > The North Face. For realz. As I was buckling in it started raining harder. As I turned on the headlights, it started raining harder. As I pulled out of the parking lot? You got it, it started raining harder. Now I hadn’t seen it rain this hard since I lived in Memphis and we would get those wicked Southeast thunderstorms. The highway was collecting standing water and since Puget Sound drivetards can’t drive in good weather, well it took for-fucking-ever to get home. Then about an hour later the storm blasted through at home. It was pretty cool. I took some video of it, then chased Shiner around. I would post it but Word Press wants me to pay for video blog upgrade.

On Tuesday, I got my new protein powder…and it was almost the best part of my day. This is what things have come down to.


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