soup, toast, Makers

That’s what I just had for dinner because fuck you, Wednesday. Also, I might have PMS. Replace ‘also’ with nothing and PMS with ‘raging bouts of homicidal, flashing red anger thoughts’ and I’m no longer lying. This is what I love about being a girl, you can go happily and sanely along your life then SNAP! You can’t get out of bed, your hair is a squirrely rat’s nest because you’re too tired to dry it properly and you tell your boss “whatever” and roll your eyes and have to explain for 20 minutes after the meeting what you meant and not get fired. Super. So here I am, in my pajamas at 5pm and not going to the gym and probably going to bed by about 7pm. I don’t care. Then either tomorrow of the day after, it will be like a fog lifted and I will go back to normal-ish. So if you ever see me and I have a break out on the right side of my chin, RUN. Run far, and take your children with you.

Being considerate seems to be a thread lately but I will summarize all the ways it pisses me off by saying this: if someone does you a favor, either at work or a friend or someone totally random that you just met, fucking say thank you. If you don’t like their work or you were so drunk you don’t really remember, put your fucking big kid pants on and say THANK YOU. Oh, the story didn’t meet the objective you had in mind but you didn’t convey to me? Oh, YOU’RE WELCOME. Oh, you wanted a friend’s phone number and wouldn’t shut up about her all night and then never responded to me or my friend? Oh, YOU’RE WELCOME. Fuck.

I would actually love to go to bed right now but all the neighborhood dogs are barking their faces off. I will open all the gates and let them all out one day. Maybe Pinterest will help.

soup, toast, Makers

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