cheaters prosper

Just not me. I had a whole thumb drive of old material and thought of one piece that I could post and call it even but my thumbdrive was corrupted so after the scan it came out in Japanese. Then when I told it to be fucking reasonable and put it in English, it still came out in gibberish. Fail.

This really smart Canadian lady that is a writing coach said to make a resolution to write every day, even if it’s only for three minutes. The timer next to me is set for five minutes because I’m a Capricorn. I keep glancing at it and time moves crazy slow when you give yourself an assinine metric to accomplish something you should be taking more seriously because you’d like to make it an actual career some day. She would also be pissed that I keep thinking about editing as I write. I was going to go back and link to her blog RIGHT NOW but am fighting the urge. Also, I just checked the timer.

It took me over an hour to get home tonight. Why? Because it was raining. Puget Sound is a rainforest, swampland and you would think the drivers had never seen precipitation EVER. I hate them all. I just edited. Ha. I had sirloin for dinner with Webers. It was pretty good. I’m kind of hungry again. I did not have a cocktail before writing tonight either which is why you are reading this literary masterpiece. done.

cheaters prosper

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