just, whatever

I hate brain damage. Excuse me, I hate mild traumatic brain injury. I received one a couple years ago in a car accident and I am going to blame it right now. I had eight million things to write about on my drive home tonight but it’s gone now.  I went to a seminar with a coworker during work today and the speaker was amazing and I had things to say but poof! Outta here. I actually just spaced out with my left hand on the home row, scratching my neck with my right hand and gazing at my dusty book shelf. I’m infrequent in posting because I don’t like to write when I have nothing of value to say, but I need to get in the habit of posting so here we are. I just got a brilliant idea of leaving my voice recorder in the car and recording thoughts a la Norm MacDonald.

I’m wondering how much estrogen I actually have. I got home around 6 pm from work and immediately put on my sweats and slippers and put the Sabres game on the internet radio. Then I opened a beer but I poured it into a nice pilsner glass. Then I shared some rotisseri chicken with Shiner as we ate over the sink. Then I had to wash all the dishes I left in the sink last night because I was too tired. I’m a lazy bastard but if there is one thing I am crazy OCD about, it’s dishes. I rarely leave anything more than a glass in the sink but I had so many I couldn’t fit the whole lot in the strainer. Oh well. I rinsed them at least. Anyway, I know lots of women that also love their sweats after work but do many of you also put on the hockey game and have a beer for dinner? I know who will say yes but I roll with some special folks so my usual suspects don’t count. Captain is always saying we have role reversal too, and not in the fun way. Role reversal as in he is talking about abstract things and feelings while I am trying to watch TV and drinking beer. Ok, I listen if he’s talking about something personal but he likes to talk. A lot. And we are very different in the way we think and process information. I am very linear. I like to travel through thoughts ABCDEF…and so on in that order mentally and verbally. Captain’s mental process is linear (I assume) but verbally it generally goes ABCPZFDGH931BN unicycle, Euripedes, the Army, DEFsquare root of mango. You get the idea. I used to listen intently and let him talk and sort it out. Then I went to a strict format of saying “what the fuck are you talking about?” Now I try to say, “Whoops, you went from ABC to FPWE. Back up for me.” I try to. Sometimes I yell. Then I remember it’s not his fault I have no patience and am slightly crazy. He reminds me all the time. I prefer eccentric and charming.

Random note: I think I like John Krasinski best as a writer. We watched “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” this weekend and it was great. I know it’s based on a book but he adapted it into the screenplay and the dialogue and story was really captivating. I heard that you in order to write well, you have to read well. I am getting good at buying great books. Now I need to read them. Up next, Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone. Essays. Looking forward to it. I bought Pajama Jeans. They don’t look like pajamas or jeans. Meatloaf.

just, whatever

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