Shockingly, I can’t remember where I heard it, but someone said we’re all about five choices away from living on the street. Those choices can range from “Do I go to college or keep working in retail?” to “Do I go for a bike ride or smoke this crack?” but nonetheless, it can escalate quickly if you let it. Right now, I have decided to have some dinner, wine and write instead of working out. I sort of lost my exercise boner the last week, but I think I’ll be back at it tomorrow. I put on my workout clothes then laid down on my bed for “just a second” and woke up an hour later. I bet if my siblings hadn’t been texting me about sports scores I would have slept longer. I was feeling tired still, so I bargained with myself that it’s Monday and I’m tired and if I don’t work out then I should at least write. So here we are. I also left my regular glasses on my desk at work so I’m using the ones I got in college which might as well not have lenses in them they are so weak. Again, the  choice to not visit an optometrist in over four years and buy readers at Target because I am lazy has cost me some strain tonight.

Choices, choices, a friend recently took a new job and has been entertaining me with the new group she works with. Her boss is a fan of a popular televangelist and I actually recognized the name because I would fall asleep with Seinfeld on and wake up to this preacher. These were the days of sleeping on a Coleman inflatable twin mattress in my living room and watching a 12 inch black and white TV my boss gave me. Some days I would wake up to the infomercial for Turbo Jam though. I woke up often enough times to the infomercial that I bought the DVDs because of the possibility of burning 1,000 calories an hour and am now a Chalene Johnson follower. One choice: what if I had chosen to follow the televangelist instead? I would be thumping Bibles instead of thumping my fists through the air? Think about the choices you’ve made–I bet you have a Bibles vs kickboxing situation yourself. Is the grass greener, or are you wiping your forehead thinking “Wow, that was a doozie?!” I’d like to think that I should have gone to state school and pursued something more artsy but then I wouldn’t be here, in a shack in Auburnsas writing a free blog.

Shout-out to a preseason win by the Boys in Blue, my favorite compilation of testosterone on skates, the Buffalo Sabres. I will be drop kicking shit all over Puget Sound in these bad boys this season.

I’ve been watching a lot of The Office before bed and it makes me feel better. If there weren’t an entire popular show about how much working sucks, then it means I’m not alone. So today after an especially painful team meeting about the seemingly simple task of coming up with content for our website, the less-bitter half of our team took an old plastic runner and turned it into a skull on the floor with Post-Its. Then I wrote a jingle for a monthly telecom for one of our groups. So I think we should all ask ourselves one question before we shut down our laptops, clean the coffee pot and get in the car for drive time: have you fucked with someone today?


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