These are my confessions

Don’t get riled up. It’s not that exciting. I just like that Usher song. First, I want to do a 5K this year. That doesn’t seem like much but my knees are trashed from ballet and soccer. I have a personal trainer (see Fuerte!) but I am super lazy about doing my exercises. I guess tossing this out in public might make me more accountable. We will see. Today my left knee hurt so much I thought about chopping it off and replacing it with a peg. I didn’t even want titanium or anything space age or useful. I was ready to karate chop it off, feed it to stray dogs and hobble around happily. It is one of the reasons I also hate yoga – it makes my knees feel twisted on the inside. Plus the instructors are always way too excited to inflict that amount of pain on other people. I’m sorry but breathing is impossible when you are trying to make your ass touch your head.

My job: I almost have the one I want however, I am going on vacation in 24 hours and I don’t think I can do it without working through some if it. This irritates me for a few reasons. One, my job should be fun. I essentially tell stories – about employees, airplanes, awards, silly shit. It is compounded though by ridiculous amounts of beauracracy and territory and approvals. Are some of these things necessary? Yes. Are they end of the world, stop the presses, everyone get fired up and create a bunch of extraneous work? Absolutely not. I’m also not allowed to beat information out of people so when people don’t return e-mails and phone calls, it makes it hard for me to do my job. Not that my job needs to conern them, but I try to be helpful when I can to others. So just appease me and tell me about your fucking test. Jeez. This also makes it impossible to accomplish in 40 hours. I’ve been donating a bit of time to the company lately, and quite frankly, I have better things to do. You should see my room – disaster. Clothes everywhere that need to be folded and put away. I come home and am beat. I will stand in the elevator at the end of the day and not have any clear idea of what I worked on. It’s a complete brain dump. And it makes me spacier than normal: I left my glasses downstairs and I’m not blind without them, but this is fairly difficult right now. So hurray for that.

I guess that’s it for confessions. I’m quite tired so I might just keep this giant pile of laundry on my bed tonight and sleep on the other side of the bed. My favorite news item today is that a brewery in England is making a limited edition brew for Kate Middleton called Kiss me Kate. That’s the best use of the name I have ever heard of. Mourtney and I are going to try to have a party for the Royale Wedding and I am pretty excited. You can only order one commemorative engagement ring per household though, so one of us is going to need to ship it to work. We could also probably wear some Pajama Jeans during said party. We could wear them biking, or roll them into a cute cuff! You can DEFINITELY wear them while napping!

These are my confessions

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