I’m baaaack…

I’m back, haters! I got my own laptop this weekend so hopefully I can come back to the dark side. I’m also on Skype so no one needs to drink alone ever again! I could go on and on about random crap, like how much I HATE Seattle drivers, but I have super ADD today. I’m going home this week to see the baby and the fam, so we’ll see how that goes. The job is going. I get paid, and the bonus we got paid for this laptop, so I guess I’ll keep it for now. They are trying to reclassify my job code but it’s a long, boring, corporate story and you’d pass out and hit your head before the end so I’ll spare you. Mourtney’s mum is here and our kitchen/refrigerator is full of short bread and green chili things, so it smells awesome in here.

I bought Shiner a new bed from a yuppie pet store and he slept on the floor half the weekend, little scheister. One of my favorite stories about my new bf is the time he said ‘why don’t you just take him to a groomer?’ referring to my filthy mop of a dog. Shiner is filthy, I agree with that. He is a total ass when it comes to being groomed and he took a chunk out of Tori’s finger once and he just hates anything to do with being clean, well-behaved and not causing me extra stress. So Shiner has not been to an actual groomer because I don’t need a law suit filed against me because he ate some lady’s hand. BF just asked so matter-of-factly that I didn’t want to slap him so much as I just started laughing. “Oh my God, why didn’t I think of that all along?!” So fast forward to yesterday when we were cleaning the kitchen after dinner and I was using a damp paper towel to clean off the new George Forman grill I got him for Valentine’s Day. (Getting older means you give/get functional gifts. I got a new cell phone case – Sabres, what what!!) There was a bit of steak crusted on it so I had to use a little bit of elbow grease and he said “why don’t you just use the sponge that came with it?” Then he proceeded to produce a perfectly-formed George Foreman grill sponge from under the sink. I don’t think I said anything but judging from his reaction and the way he laughed at me, I might have fork stabbed him if he hadn’t laughed. And scene!

I’m baaaack…

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