Therein lies the problem

Blogs are fairly narcissistic, to be honest. “Look at me and pay attention to everything I say!” So lately, I haven’t had much to say that I feel should be public knowledge.  (Public to all dozen people that even read this.)  It’s also hard to write about things that make you want to drink when you’ve scaled back the drinking. So therein lies the problem with the large gaps between posts. I keep getting reminders to post new things and even requests to start Tweeting, or Twittering or whatever but I’m not sure what I would say 40 times a day. Right now I’m watching Practical Magical on Oxygen for about the fiftieth time this month and listening to Shiner molest a bone. Does anyone really give a shit about that? I’m fairly certain that after about a day you would decide I need to shut up.

We don’t get holidays off during the year like Labor Day or Veterans Day so we can have the time between Christmas Eve and New Year’s off. It’s amazing. Well, I should clarify that it’s amazing when you can get around and the city isn’t crippled by an inch of snow. I was on the elliptical at the gym today and one of the four city plows with a bed full of sand stopped at the light out front. I almost ran outside just to kick it.  That being said, I would like to congratulate myself on some accomplishments so far during my winter break.First, I managed to register a vehicle on time without the assistance of a dealership for the first time since about 2006. Way to be an adult! It only cost me roughly $80 that I hadn’t planned on spending, but whatever WA. I also did my gym workout twice now without my trainer. It’s amazing how much better my knees feel, unlike the constant throbbing pain of my kneecaps trying to rip themselves off my legs and my tibia jamming itself into my kneecaps. Great times. I also changed the light bulb on the porch that burned out about two weeks ago or better. I let Shiner out in the yard and figured it was a good time to get it done. As I was in the closet getting a bulb he started barking his face off on the porch. I thought maybe the neighbors were outside. Nope, the mailman was about two hours late and was blowing a little dog whistle at him. First, I totally agree that it was moderately concerning because Shiner wasn’t on a leash. Second, mailman was just trying to do his job without getting tetanus or stitches today. However, Shiner only started barking when he started blowing his raper whistle at my dog. Shiner is a pussy. Unless you try to pet him or grab him and he doesn’t know you, he’s going to run away. Also, I actually checked the mail before I went inside to get a light bulb and Mourtney had put two Netflix videos in the box before she went off to do her airport runs. If dude hadn’t been TWO HOURS late with the mail, this wouldn’t have happened at all.I also watched a marathon of Intervention episodes the other day and the sister of a heroin addict reminded me that I need a haircut, so I made an appointment for next week.

I’m going to be an aunt in the very near future. I bought all kinds of tiny sweaters and pajamas that I wrapped and boxed about a month ago. They are still in my room in the box, along with a mug I got mom for Chanukah. She can enjoy it next year when she’s denying Jesus I suppose. The baby can have her sweaters when she vacates that uterus. This also means I am going back to Buffalo for about a week in February. Yes, I understand that is retarded but what can you do.

That’s all I care to share right now. I have a ton of stuff going on at work and in my life but I also know a lot of nosy snitches so those that need to know, know right now. I’m about to take that bone away from Shiner because he sounds like that fucking SteakUms commercial. Until next time.

Therein lies the problem

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