Who voted?

I did. Voted. Washington uses mail-in ballots so I filled mine out and mailed it last night at 10:00 p.m. Two people entered the Post Office behind me. Slackers. I was excited for today because I can’t wait for the ads to end but then I realized we probably have a few days of reading about everyone’s opinion on Facebook and all the media outlets. Unless you were ever in office and made a difference, then shut up. You voted, your candidate won or lost, then move on. If you think one person or party ruined this country, then you’re fucking high. Just like one person or party can’t fix it, one didn’t ruin it either. Every yes man and on-looker was at fault too. And for that matter, if you still don’t like it here, move it along. Feel free to move to another country where you are even allowed to bitch about your government. The holidays are coming up. Maybe instead you should consider sending a care package to an APO address. If you need one, let me know. I’m sure my cousin and his friends would appreciate it.

People brought in all their extra Halloween candy into the office this week. One lady threw a nostalgic birthday party for her partner and brought in Pixie Sticks and all this other stuff. There was one beautiful sleeve of candy buttons sticking out of the bucket. I instantly remembered waiting in line at the Buffalo Zoo to see the koalas. We waited in line FOR-EV-ER and this lady in front of us offered my brother and I some candy buttons. We must have only been about 2 and 3 years old because we moved when I wasn’t quite 5. Anyway, we took the candy. From a random lady at the zoo. Get away with that shit now! At first I wondered if we even saw the koalas or hallucinated them from the stranger acid candy, but mom confirmed it today. Then I applauded her parenting.I hope they are still there tomorrow so I can take them in case I get to visit more koalas soon.

Fuerte! is moving along quite well. I took yoga on Saturday and it was like pee wee football: challenge yourself but basically do whatever you want and everyone wins. Then on Sunday I had my limit test with my trainer. The woman is condensed evil: a physical terrorist, if you will. We basically discovered that I have no shoulder or chest strength. By the end of the session, I wasn’t sure how I am able to hold myself. I felt like a sack of bones and fat because it’s not apparent that I have any muscle. Then last night I had abs class and boxing. Boxing is awesome. We have a professional boxer along with my trainer and we got to run and drop kick the blockers then punch the bags. One chick was five months pregnant and went bezerker on the bags. However, I can’t move from my hips to my shoulders today, so instead I went to dinner with Mourtney, Jem, and Mourtney’s friend, Sahara. Then Mourtney and I gave all our money to our landlord and Puget Sound Energy. Fuckers.

And in case anyone cares, from “ah, whoops” I did tip the bartenders that night at the pub. I checked my bank account today, and I somehow managed to tip a perfect 20% in black out mode. At least something worked out.

Who voted?

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