How to make a bad day rad

I was in a fairly cranky mood this morning when I got up due to a dream about confronting someone so I took the dog out, grabbed some coffee (and I use that term loosely Folgers!) and tried to find something on TV.  My best shot was Walker, Texas Ranger.  I’ve only seen bits of it before so this was my first entire episode and it did not disappoint.  Terrible acting, weak plots and lots of kung fu.  Briefly, bad dudes kidnapped a short bus full of Junior Rangers and Walker’s girlfriend and buried it underground.  There were also lots of tornadoes in the Dallas area.  Naturally Walker and sidekick find the bus and unbury it WITH THEIR BARE HANDS  and pull the kids out of a window just before the tornado gets to them.  The graphics for the tornado were awesomely bad and it got ridiculously close, like 10 feet.  So Walker chases the head bad guy onto a roof later on and bad guy’s gun runs out of bullets.  Be prepared for the most brilliant script known to man:

Bad guy: You’re going to have to kill me.

Chuck Norris: Why don’t I just make you wish you were never born?

Kung fu, kung fu, kung fu…bad guy on ground, Walker posed heroically in front of a setting sun…

Tell me that doesn’t turn a bad day around!

How to make a bad day rad

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