Get it together, k8!

Everything is extra effort.  Everything.  I rarely have one thing go absolutely right so I can just get on with things.  I dread Sunday nights the most because I can never fall asleep before midnight.  I think my brain knows that it is about to be subjected to 40 hours of the most asinine tasks and issues and it just gets overwhelmed.  When 6:00am rolled around today I wanted to get back to sleep but I just laid there watching the Turbo Jam infomercial.  I was intrigued about burning 700 calories in an hour and the bonus gift of the special cardio gloves but I had to get my ass out of bed.  When I say get out of bed, I mean I rolled two inches onto the floor from my air mattress and stumbled into the bathroom.  I discovered that the instant hot water gauge the landlord put on my tank was absolutely worthless.  The shower and sinks would always run out of hot water midst soapy hair or sink full of greasy pans.  So having the hot water tank back and working was like Christmas.  I usually just stand there and space out for four or five minutes, killing the earth and wasting water.  The time change made me feel especially fuzzy for some reason.  After I started the coffee pot I took Shiner out and it was raining a little bit.  As we were coming back in the hallway I lost my balance and almost crashed into the wall that is my neighbor’s baby’s room.  Whoops.  In my defense I have a sinus issue and my ears are all plugged up.  I also did not take Nyquil or drink last night so I guess there is no real excuse.  After I fed doggy I had to wash a bunch of Tupperware so I could bring my lunch and got soap shrapnel all over my shirt in the process.  I picked up all my bags and headed to the door with my slippers on.  Just kidding, back to find my real shoes.  I discovered a whole mess of socks I had no idea I even had in the other bedroom.  After I sorted that out I had all my stuff again, had my hand on the door knob and saw my glasses on the floor.  As I bent down to pick them up my purse swung off my shoulder and almost clocked doggy in the head.  Whoops again.  He ran away but it happens a lot.

Get it together, k8!

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